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Traka Receives Lenel Factory Certification under Lenel’s OpenAccess Alliance Program August 10, 2016

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Traka’s key and asset management system interfaces with Lenel’s OnGuard® access control security system.

Traka announced today that its Traka32 and Traka Web platforms are now certified with OnGuard versions 7.1 & 7.2, maintaining their certification status and long-standing integration partnership with Lenel in the OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP). Traka’s key and asset management
solutions interface with the OnGuard access control system, extending its reach to managing physical keys, fleets and equipment, and providing easy administration over protected items directly from the OnGuard environment.

“Traka has completed required factory testing at Lenel to validate the functionality of its management software to the latest version of OnGuard. This partner interface provides regional security and control over important company assets,” said Zach Roth, OAAP product management, Lenel. “We look forward to their continued involvement in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program.”

“We’re excited about this partnership, which effectively extends the reach of OnGuard to even more areas of an organization,” states Danny Garrido, president of Traka USA. “The Traka and OnGuard integration gives businesses more visibility over the assets at the core of their operation, while creating the opportunity to drive critical processes.”

Traka provides electronic key control and intelligent locker systems, allowing organizations to control, monitor and record the use of their important physical assets including facilities, equipment, machinery and vehicles. Their products can be used alone or integrated with many of the world’s leading access control systems.


Hospitality: Ensure Safety, Security & Savings This Summer May 12, 2016

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Traka Hospitality Summer Safety and Security

For hotels and resorts in the busy summertime, more guests are checking in and more staff is necessary to cater to the needs of a full house. While being busy is great for business, it also means there is more room for error, mistakes and inefficiencies. Both the safety of your guests and integrity of your company can be affected by having a weak or nonexistent key and asset management system.

As you read on, you’ll discover three benefits of having improved access management processes in place in assuring the safety of your guests and assets, all while saving money and time.

Make Guest Safety a Top Priority

With more staff on board during the hectic summertime, is it increasingly difficult to keep track of which employees – be it housekeepers, outside contractors, or front desk associates – have access to guests’ room keys. The absence of auditing key access creates opportunities for your guests’ safety to be compromised, which can mean lawsuits and a damaged reputation for your business.

The solution to mitigate the risk associated with access to guest room keys lies within Traka’s unique capabilities in controlling key access. Our key cabinets utilizing the iFob technology control access by restricting each key to authorized employees only. The advanced system’s employee recognition capabilities can assure you that access won’t fall in the wrong hands.

Ensure Your (and Your Guests’) Assets are Secure

Another issue that arises without a proper key auditing system in place is the problem of theft. There have been countless incidences where hotel staff with improper access to master keys has committed theft. In addition to the ability to control who has access to certain keys, our systems can track where the keys are at all time. In cases of reported theft, our advanced systems tracking features allow you to hold employees accountable for their actions.

In effort to prevent opportunities for staff (or others) to commit theft, key curfews can be utilized to ensure that the keys are being returned on time. If curfews have not been met, managers can receive 24/7 alerts via email or SMS text so that action can be taken as soon as possible. With better control and tracking of key access, you will experience fewer losses and increased security for your business and your guests.

Save Money and Time

In addition to keeping your guests safe and assets secure, Traka’s systems can also save your business money and time. The key cabinets feature automatic key vending, which eliminates the need for staff to issue keys.

Since key access is necessary for most of your staff at a hotel or resort, much of time is wasted during shift startup when accessing their keys. Our iFob’s simple access features allow your staff to take and return their keys in literally seconds. These time savings ultimately increase productivity, saving your business money.

Traka is a world leader in key and asset management. Contact us today to see how we can help your hotel or resort.


Traka to Showcase Integrated Key Management Solutions at ISC West 2016 March 24, 2016

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isc-west-2016Traka will be at ISC West this spring, displaying our wide range of integrated key management solutions and intelligent locker systems that are powered by our intuitive Traka Web software.

ISC West 2016 will feature educational seminars and exhibits of the newest security products and technology in the world. The conference takes place at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV from Tuesday, April 5th through Friday, April 8th.

The expo is the largest event in the United States for the physical security industry, which makes it a highlight of our year. Our featured solution at the event will be unique access control systems that can manage offline openings and assets, such as:

  • Physical Keys
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Vehicles
  • Firearms
  • Body Cameras
  • Data Racks
  • Hard Drives
  • And More

Attendees will be able to see first-hand how powerful integrations create the ability to manage keys and assets from the systems that they use every day, bringing higher visibility and efficiencies to any organization. We’ll be on hand to show businesses how their assets can be used to drive the critical processes at the core of its daily operation.

Meet with Traka at the ASSA ABLOY booth, #8061, to learn more about our key cabinets, electronic lockers and other innovative software.

Want to schedule a private meeting at ISC West? Contact us today.




ISC West 2016

Driving the Critical Processes Within Your Organization Using Traka’s Intelligent Management Solutions February 29, 2016

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Basic key control and asset lockers are a good start to ensuring asset security, but only half of the battle.  Traka’s innovative technology has taken many organizations well beyond simply managing keys. integrations with existing systems - 1

Are your organization’s assets helping to drive critical processes forward, or has managing them become a difficult process in itself?

The ultimate value in Traka solutions is rooted in our ability to integrate with existing third-party systems, easing the burden of administration and acting as an instrument to improve operational efficiency.

Traka integrates with many of the systems you already use, like access control, work order systems, H.R. databases, time and attendance, fleet management, Active Directory and more, generating powerful workflow possibilities.

With Traka’s various third party system integration capabilities, administrators are able to:

  • Automatically enroll users into the Traka database
  • Instantly grant or revoke access levels to keys and assets based on the status of items secured by Traka cabinets and intelligent lockers
  • Immediately alert administrators to important events within your existing system utilizing automated notifications
  • Centrally manage all assets from familiar system environments to reduce administration overhead
  • And much more

What should you expect from a fully integrated key and asset management solution from Traka? Detailed below are the four areas where your organization can see immediate benefits.

Reduced Administration Overhead

From day one, a Traka system shows the value of its deep integration functions. Setup is seamless, as Traka pulls your personnel and user ID data directly from your existing databases. Users can access Traka key cabinets and lockers using their current credentials. Access levels and security data can be paired within security groups in Traka, making asset allocation fast and easy.

The real benefit of our integration workflows is that they are perpetual and in real time. For instance, when granting a new employee an access level in your current system, they immediately have the corresponding key or asset access privileges in Traka. This makes Traka your 24-hour key and asset manager that you don’t have to put on payroll.

Centralized Information Managementintegrations with existing systems - 2

In an era where data is everything, it is critical for an organization to intelligently manage information on its security, facilities and personnel. Far more than the data itself, Traka can protect those assets that have access to that information. This bridges the security gap often found within organizations.

When comprehensive reporting of asset usage is added to the equation, those assets can be utilized and managed more effectively, thus making them more valuable to your business. Through a Traka integration, all event data and reporting can be centrally managed from your existing management platform or security operations center.

Data Integrity

When the accuracy of your data is compromised, it can cause big problems for your operation. If multiple databases must be manually maintained, there is greater potential for conflicts and inconsistencies. An integrated Traka solution feeds your core personnel or access management database, protecting the integrity of your current data while adding valuable information on the usage of your important keys and assets. Accountability breeds responsibility.

Process Automation

All organizations, big and small, need improved control over critical processes to maximize their effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Beyond giving you total control over your keys and valuable assets, Traka can be a vital tool in affecting the way your facility, equipment and personnel collectively operate.

integrations with existing systems - 3Logic-based access control can be used in an environment where workers are required to check out equipment prior to entering a facility. As well as this, an automated lockout process could shut off power to a hazardous system any time a maintenance key is removed from a Traka key cabinet.

By syncing users and access permissions with third party databases, Traka solutions simplify your administration and make your assets work for you like never before.  Properly executed integrations go beyond keys and security – they are a simple, logical and effective way for businesses to save money.

To learn more about Traka’s customized products, applications and integration capabilities, contact us today.

How to Maximize Employee Productivity With Key & Asset Control February 4, 2016

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Traka 1In every industry, companies question how to improve organizational operations in an effort to boost employee productivity and maximize EBIT. Developing performance-based economic incentives and providing personnel with proper training are common ways to increase productivity, but organizations often overlook inefficient processes that greatly limit employee output. By intelligently managing things like keys and devices at the core of your operation, they can become tools to drive efficiency and increase the productivity of your workforce.

Traka’s state-of-the-art technology has been helping Fortune 500 companies and countless industries achieve these efficiencies for over 20 years. Properly implemented electronic key & asset management is designed to improve physical security and increase organizational productivity to affect the bottom line. Here’s how:

Eliminate Time-Consuming Key Audits With Intelligent Cabinets

Traka’s key cabinets serve as an intelligent key control and management solution, in which all user and item activity is recorded. Authorized users can remove or return keys in seconds, and administrators can easily determine who has access to each key set and when. The system enables administrators to manage multiple cabinets in different locations from a single networked computer, and can send instant text or email alerts to generate visibility on important events.

Furthermore, the system eliminates the time-consuming manual distribution of keys and recording of key access. Since the system automatically tracks who has every key at all times, locating lost or missing keys takes minutes versus hours or days with a manual process. Traka also helps prevent costly re-keys due to increased accountability of sensitive GMK’s.  Just like that – Traka’s system eliminates the cumbersome key management process, which enables managers to spend less time on auditing key activity and more time on higher-priority items.

Ensure Accountability & Eliminate Tedious Asset Management Audits With State-of-the-Art Lockers

The latest trend in businesses across the globe is protecting their sensitive or pooled assets, not only because of the cost of that asset but because of the sensitive information that is at risk should the device be lost or stolen. Organizations are spending millions of dollars equipping their work staff with the latest in technology in order to do their jobs more effectively. Traka lockers serve as intelligent asset control and management which allows employees to seamlessly access radios, tablets, laptops, weapons or other important devices in a fast and efficient manner.

Each locker’s intelligent software monitors contents, records who has accessed each locker compartment and generates activity logs to identify if an asset has not been returned. With asset access completely automated and recorded, employees know they are 100% accountable for the items they use for the time it is in their possession. This leads to more responsible and efficient use of company assets, and the employee’s work hours. Now managers can spend less time monitoring company assets and staff activity, and more time on business development, operations and other vital company matters.

Reduce Time Spent on Administrative Duties With Smart Integrations

The ultimate tool of efficiency in Traka’s arsenal lies in its ability to integrate with existing 3rd party databases. By syncing Traka users and access permissions with an established access control, human resources, or other third-party database, key and asset management tasks can be automated thereby removing the administrative burden of “another system”. By linking events, notifications or alarms across both platforms, Traka protected keys and assets can now become powerful tools to drive processes and employee efficiency like never before.  Properly deployed solutions go well beyond the keys, they help businesses make money!

Fostering policies and technology that raise productivity is critical for organizations to grow and sustain value in today’s business environment. Traka’s key control and asset management systems are an innovation that can help. To learn more about Traka’s products, applications and capabilities, contact us today.

3 Key & Asset Management Solutions to Implement in 2016 December 23, 2015

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TRA - 1While safeguarding property and assets is a common objective for businesses, many companies struggle to efficiently meet this goal due to outdated technology and cumbersome security processes.

That’s where Traka steps in. Traka has taken traditional key and asset management systems and redesigned them into user-friendly and intelligent technology, including state-of-the-art key cabinets, lockers and iFobs. Traka’s key control and asset management systems can be used across a variety of industries including:

  • Power and Energy
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Schools
  • Retail Centers
  • Correctional Facilities

With security breaches becoming a growing concern for businesses, 2016 marks an opportune time for companies to implement new technology to ensure effective key and asset management. Here are three solutions to consider:

Key Cabinets

TRA - 2In order to provide fully-controlled access to facilities, equipment and other assets, Traka offers a wide range of key cabinets designed to meet the needs and size of various organizations.


Accommodating up to 180 keysets, Traka cabinets allow users to:

  • Ensure keys are available 24/7
  • Restrict access to authorized users only
  • Identify keys that have not been returned
  • Receive notifications when keys are not returned on time
  • Manage systems across remote sites


TRA - 3Beyond key cabinets, Traka offers smart locker systems that are keyless and provide access to portable computing equipment such as laptops, iPads, radios and more. All lockers use Traka’s innovative software that allows for checkpoints to monitor each locker’s contents.

Features and capabilities of Traka’s lockers include:

  • Biometrics, magnetic cards or PIN access
  • Controlled access from a centrally networked server
  • Easy data recording
  • Automatic lock-in for equipment needing maintenance
  • Activity logs with LCD display


TRA - 4At the core of Traka’s key management solutions is the iFob – a virtually indestructible identification tool. When secured to a key set, the iFob enables those keys to be identified to Traka’s software and all activity is recorded. With the ability to store data internally, iFobs can store user profiles and event data, which makes them a powerful identification tool in various applications.

iFob features include:

  • Compact design
  • Water immersion and dust proof
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Unique electronic ID
  • Robust nickel-plated brass tube for ultimate strength

Key cabinets, lockers and iFobs are just a few of Traka’s intelligent solutions that can be applied across diverse industries. With keys and assets better protected and managed, businesses are able to run more securely and efficiently, while also holding employees accountable for costly equipment and tools.

To learn more about Traka’s products, applications and capabilities, contact us today.

Maximizing Security to Ensure Prison Safety November 30, 2015

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A correctional facility with any gaps in its security strategy can be very dangerous for inmates, staff and visitors. To mitigate risk it is critical to define and maintain strict processes in managing personnel, physical assets and restricted areas.prisoncells

Maintaining the maximum level of prison security can only be achieved when these processes are automated and audited, which removes the chance of human error, and creates complete accountability.

Below are two important aspects of prison security, and ways to maintain a secure environment for each.

Restricting Access to Dangerous Areas

Without controlled restrictions in place, a prisoner, visitor or low-level staff member could gain access to off-limit areas, gaining access to weapons, drugs or other instruments that could put everyone in the facility at risk. A strict key management system, like Traka’s intelligent key cabinets, can be implemented to automate strict daily operational procedures, and put greater visibility on all access to sensitive areas.

An effective and efficient key management strategy put key sets exactly where there are needed most, while allowing centralized administration and reporting. Keys can be automatically allocated to authorized and authenticated staff based on strict permission criteria, such as time or even the status of other key sets. Through simple integration, the availability of key sets can be dependent on the current status of secured areas, or whether staff is equipped with the proper gear to enter a sensitive area of the facility.

What makes the clControlling-Access-Trakaever electronic keys a must-have for any prison? The iFob is the answer. This bullet-shaped device gets securely attached to each key set, and uniquely identifies it to the cabinet and administration software. This means that every interaction with that set of keys is recorded and reported, creating full visibility and greater accountability.

Protecting Costly & Risky Equipment

RFIDMost prison staff have certain items they are required to carry throughout a shift, like radios and firearms, which cannot leave the premises. These items are dangerous and very costly, which makes secure storage and strict access control a top priority.

Using an asset management system prevents inmates, visitors and employees from gaining access to equipment they shouldn’t be using. A member of prison staff identifies themselves by entering a PIN, swiping an access card or using biometrics. Once the software verifies the users’ identity, it will permit access to a predetermined locker within their level of access. This safeguards items that certain users shouldn’t have access to, and restricts non-employees from getting their hands on dangerous equipment.

Beyond restricting access, software tools can be customized to create unique management solutions for administrators. For example, if an asset is not returned on time, a supervisor can be notified immediately and see who accessed it last. Integrated systems can even restrict badge or time card status, should the user still be in posession of protected items. This holds facility staff 100% accountable for the keys and equipment they are required to use during their shifts.

Traka provides advanced key management systems and electronic asset management lockers for prisons and detention centers around the globe. To learn more about our solutions, visit our products page or contact us today.

Enhancing Security in Event Facilities October 29, 2015

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Physical security for event facilities such as convention centers, banquet halls, museums and others tend to have unique security challenges. The primary reason is that these centers must accommodate a mix of employees, contractors and personnel, along with guests such as concert goers, conference attendees and sport spectators that come and go at unspecified times throughout an event.

With thousands of visitors per year and employees working around the clock throughout all areas of the premises, event venues need to have the highest level of security in place to protect assets, people and the facility itself.

 Here are three ways security can be enhanced in event facilities:

Control Access with Key Cabinets

Traka 1Since event centers operate beyond the 9-5 workday, 24/7 access control is essential. These facilities often have a large staff, which makes tracking employee whereabouts critical.

Traka key cabinets automate the distribution and tracking process of keys by electronically recording when a key is used and by whom through a centralized database that audits key use at all times. Traka can even send notifications or revoke access to certain parts of a facility if a key isn’t returned within a designated period. For seamless administration of keys, management can integrate the Traka system into a facility’s existing HR database or access control system.

The intelligent automation of this process allows for optimum employee accountability and provides complete access control of all important areas of an event facility all at the touch of your fingertips.

Manage Equipment with Lockers

Traka 2

The use of digital tools is standard in most event facilities across the country. Event facilities commonly rely on projectors, laptops, tablets and other types of expensive mobile equipment.

The risk of theft or damage in a facility with many employees, contractors and event attendees is high, especially with individuals regularly entering and leaving the facility. A simple, manual check-in and check-out process isn’t enough to protect these alluring devices.

By storing items in an intelligent Traka locker with our advanced administrative software, your facility will have better control of distribution and handling. In order to remove the items from the secure lockers, users will need to enter in pre-defined access credentials. The locker won’t release the item unless the user is authorized, which reduces theft and damage by creating an accountability system. The automation of the lockers also creates real-time monitoring of usage, which means management will always know where an item is located.

Ensure Security with iFob

Traka 3Since event facilities frequently have very expensive, state-of-the-art technologies, it is crucial to keep all areas and equipment protected, and their access tracked. This can easily be achieved through Traka key management, with use of our iFobs. When secured to a key set, the iFob enables those keys to be uniquely identified to Traka’s administration software and all its activity recorded. The simple device guarantees that administrators have the ability to customize access privileges for specific users, only providing access to what they need.

While competitors use breakable plastic accessories that require frequent cleaning, the iFob is virtually indestructible and entirely maintenance free. With the ability to save data internally, Traka iFobs can store user or asset profiles and event data, making them a powerful identification tool in the event facility sector.

Traka provides intelligent key and asset management solutions for event facilities around the globe. To learn more about our solutions, visit our products page or contact us today.

Ensuring Safety with an Electronic Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Solution October 12, 2015

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Lock 1What Is LOTO?

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) is a safety procedure that is used to ensure that dangerous machines and/or equipment are properly shut off and secured prior to maintenance or servicing work.

It requires that hazardous power sources be isolated and rendered inoperative before any repair or service is started. The procedure can also require the locking of a device or power source and placing it in such a position that no hazardous power sources can be turned on.


Lock 2The Problem with Current LOTO Procedures

Research shows that over 95 percent of LOTO situations are managed manually.

When a manual process is employed, a series of padlocks are typically used to secure equipment, valves, power sources and more. This situation requires multiple padlocks to simply secure equipment and ensure employee and facility safety during repairs or servicing. Upon completion, each padlock needs to be unlocked with corresponding keys.

This manual process increases the chance of human error, exposes employees to dangerous equipment and can be fairly tedious.


Lock 3Our Electronic Solution

To improve this process, Traka offers state-of-the-art technology to ensure facility and employee safety.

With our electronic LOTO solution, a business is able to electronically lock down their machines or facility prior to maintenance and tag individuals in high-security areas.

Using an electronic solution to ensure LOTO processes are carried out properly simplifies the process, eliminates human error and expedites the repair or servicing process.


To help us illustrate the effectiveness of an electronic LOTO solution, imagine you are responsible for an oil pipeline. A maintenance job requires you to shut off section 1 of the pipeline while keeping oil running in section 2. Your electronic LOTO solution allows you to do so automatically, efficiently and safely (without multiple padlocks and keys). Engineers can then work on section 1 safely, while oil continues to move through section 2. Once the maintenance is complete, the pipeline is automatically and seamlessly reopened through the electronic LOTO system.

The scenario listed above is just one example, but this process is applicable to various industries, including those that must meet OSHA’s LOTO requirements.


Whether your business wants to improve its LOTO procedures or must meet the pressing demands of OSHA, our electronic solution will eliminate the risk of human error, increase efficiency and improve your overall operation.

Learn more here.


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Lockt via photopin cc

Traka to Be Showcased at Global Security Event – ASIS 2015 September 22, 2015

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We will be at ASIS International’s 61st Annual Seminar & Exhibit to present our solutions – including feature enhancements and integrations for Traka Web and exciting new products for the changing world.

As the world leader in asset and intelligent key management solutions, we will be showcasing our enterprise level solutions at ASIS International’s 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibits. The event will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California from Monday, September 28th through Thursday, October 1st.  ASIS 2015 is the world’s most influential security event providing the ultimate venue for the exchange of visionary technologies, innovation, ideas and solutions.

At Traka, we provide innovative key and electronic locker solutions which can utilize industry leading integrations that drive processes and create 100% auditability and accountability for many different industries across the globe. Our solutions feature 24-hour real time monitoring of all events with automatic notification capabilities, allowing for maximum control and ease of use for security and facilities managers. These solutions are in use for a wide range of industries such as government, healthcare, data centers, hospitality, resorts, education, casinos, data centers, facilities, banks, theme parks, transportation and more.

In addition to our full line of security products and solutions, we will be exhibiting our latest software enhancements to Traka Web at ASIS 2015.  All products are supported by Traka Web, the browser based and device enabled software used to manage keys and assets centrally.  In addition, our technology integrates seamlessly with many access control systems, including Lenel OnGuard, CCURE 9000 and AMAG Symmetry. Through partnerships with respected and knowledgeable resellers globally, our solutions can reach all markets across the globe.

ASIS International’s 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibits will feature education seminars and exhibits of new products, cutting-edge technology and the latest innovative solutions in the security industry. Meet with us at the ASSA ABLOY booth #2815 or the Lenel-UTC Booth #3901 to learn more about the key cabinets, electronic lockers, software and other exciting innovations. We hope to see you there!

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